Ceramic sinks

Chemical-resistant – the ceramic material used for your kitchen sink has a smooth, impervious, scratch-resistant surface, which withstands most standard household chemicals. The material properties are continually subjected to stringent laboratory and usage tests and controls.

Cleaning – for day-to-day care, all you need is water and a damp cloth. A fast and easy way to remove water marks and grease or soap scum deposits is with a proprietary bathroom cleaner such as Ajax liquid spray, or Flash liquid spray, or similar products found in your supermarket. Tried and tested cleaning agents such as household vinegar or vinegar solution can be used to remove lime scale deposits. For stubborn stains, cover with a piece of kitchen paper soaked in vinegar and leave to stand overnight. Specialist hardware shops also stock reliable limescale removers or vinegar-based cleaners. Ajax vinegar-based cleaner can be sprayed on undiluted and rinsed off after a few moments.

Things to avoid – you should be very careful with all substances containing fluoride, such as rust removers and toothpaste. Make sure that deposits are removed immediately, as they can cause stains if left for any length of time. If any stains cannot be removed by the methods described above, we would recommend using a liquid or cream bathroom cleaner.