Stainless steel

Keep your stainless steel sink looking good – please note that stainless steel is not scratch-proof. Although stainless steel can withstand hard knocks, its surface can easily be scuffed or scratched by hard or sharp objects. Stainless steel ‘scuffing’ can look particularly bad when it has only just been taken into use, however the effect does become uniform with age. You can help the steel retain its attractive sheen if after use you wipe it with a soapy cloth, rinse and wipe it dry.

Avoid abrasive cleaners – always use a soft cloth for cleaning. Scouring powders or wire wool cleaning pads should be avoided since either will scuff the surface.

Things to avoid – avoid bleaches containing hypochlorite, which will attack stainless steel and cause pitting and staining. Certain food stuffs can also cause pitting and corrosion – these are citric fruit juices, sale, mustard, pickles and mayonnaise which should not be left on the surface for prolonged periods.

N.B. Silver dip cleaners contain strong acids which attack stainless steel; the first sign of this is a rainbow stain which turns dark grey and cannot be removed.