Vinyl and foil wrapped doors

Preventing damage – to prevent heat damage, extractors should always be used above working hobs and ignited jets of a hob should never be in use without saucepans above. Heat deflectors should be used where vinyl and foil-wrapped doors are positioned next to ovens that do not have factory fitted metal heat deflectors (the guarantee may be voided for heat damaged doors if the afore mentioned preventive measures have not been taken).

Cleaning – occasional marks can be removed with a soft damp cloth, warm water and a very mild detergent. Moisture will not harm the surface of these doors, but in order to protect them from staining any spillages should be wiped off immediately. Do not use harsh scouring powders or solvents, as they will damage the surface.

Avoiding stains – vinyl and foil-wrapped doors will resist most household chemicals, however damage and discolouration can be caused by some chemicals and strong dyes such as concentrated fruit juices, beetroot juice etc. If spillage of this type occurs, rinse immediately and ensure to leave the door dry.