Wood doors

Caring for your wood doors – each door has characteristic variations in grain and colour and should be cared for in the same way as any piece of fine furniture. In most cases they should be cleaned with only a slightly damp cloth to help preserve the beauty of the wood. A good quality wax furniture polish can also be applied on occasion to enhance their natural beauty.

Removing stains – persistent marks can be removed by first using a very mild solution of water and (non abrasive) household detergent, or sugar water can be used (this is good for removing grease). Once the mark is removed, the area should be wiped over with a damp soft cloth to remove any excess, and dried with a soft, clean cloth.

Spillages – if spillage occurs of chemicals or strong dyes such as concentrated fruit juices, beetroot juice etc, ensure you wipe away and rinse immediately and leave the door to dry (no moisture should ever be left on any surface of the door for any length of time).

Avoid abrasive cleaners – on no account must an abrasive or solvent cleaner be used as this could damage the surface.