High standard – our kitchen cabinetry is of a very high standard, entirely factory-constructed (not flat-packed) made from Egger high-density 18mm MFC, screwed* with 18mm backs to give cabinets superior strength.

Interior fittings – magic corners, wirework etc. are all fitted and fully adjusted in the factory.

Doors – hinged cabinets have Blum 170 degree (soft-closing) hinges which provide both safety and better access.. a wall cabinet door can for instance be pushed right back, almost flat against the adjacent cabinet out of the way, so no cracking your head on an overhanging door. 170 degree hinges also allow much better access to cupboards because the door isn’t bumping into you as you put away your groceries. All doors have buffers fitted to protect them when closing.

Drawers – all drawers are fully extending and all drawerfronts have buffers fitted to protect them when closing. There are 6 depths and 6 widths of drawers available, which provides literally dozens of permutations of drawer base, one to suit every need. Wide drawers have a front stabilising support to prevent bowing. Electrically opening drawers are also available.

Fully protected in transit – to avoid any possibility of your kitchen being damaged in transit, all cabinets are wrapped and palletised.

* This means that all housings and “L” base units can accommodate limited-access deliveries, for example narrow doorways.. a fully-constructed cabinet can be disassembled in a few minutes and reassembled as quickly without compromising its integrity.