Ideal for DIY – if you wish to install your own kitchen, CCI kitchens are ideal..

Fully constructed in the factory – cabinets are entirely factory-constructed (not flat-packed), glued-and-dowelled* for super-strength with all the doors fitted and adjusted. As well as saving a lot of your time, there is no possibility of the nightmare of having bits of cabinets missing.

Everything is built in – cabinets are delivered with all interior fittings (magic corners, wirework etc.) fully installed, so no nightmares there either.

Fully protected – to avoid any possibility of your kitchen being damaged in transit, all cabinets are comprehensively wrapped and palletised.

We provide detailed plans – our comprehensive plans will help you get your kitchen fitted faster and more efficiently:

ELECTRICAL WORK – plans will show the positioning of power points for appliances etc.. even slightly wrongly-positioned power points can be a lot of (costly) extra work to correct once the cabinets, worktops etc. have been fitted.

PLUMBING WORK – our plans detail required plumbing.. it’s very important is to ensure that when you come to fit your appliances for instance (when all the cabinets are in place), that no plumbing has to be redone.

TILING – we can work out how many tiles you need, cement, grout etc. if required.

Trouble-saving – you also get the benefit of 30+ years in the kitchen industry, which could save you from numerous pitfalls that can accompany a self-fit kitchen.

* Except for tall housings and “L” base units which are cammed-and-dowelled to accommodate limited-access, for example narrow doorways.. a fully-constructed cabinet can be disassembled in a few minutes and reassembled as quickly without compromising its integrity.